Our Support Workers and/or Community Access Workers (CAW) should preferably have experience working with Learning & Developments (L & D) in the areas of Day Centres, Respite homes as well as in the Community. To work as CAW, candidates need to be a driver holding a full and clean UK Licence with a business insurance cover.

Candidates may at times need to be interviewed by the client prior to placement. The shift may be for a day, a week, a fortnight or it might be an on-going booking which requires commitment.  Candidates must ensure they honour the bookings that they have taken and within reasonable and just cause in the event that they cannot, prior notice to be given to the Agency to ensure replacement of cover in good time.


Live-In Care 

S&G Future Care Ltd are Registered with the Care Quality Commission and are required to meet the Standards and Regulations set down for the delivery of care to people whose support needs can be met within their own home.

Each individual client will have a full assessment of needs, including risk assessments for client, staff and the environment. This assessment will be undertaken with the client, their family and any representatives of other agencies involved with care of the client, with the client’s consent.

Following full assessment a comprehensive care plan will be written to cover all the needs that are to be met and how the client would prefer to have them met.  This care plan will be agreed by the client and others involved and S&G Future Care Ltd and signed by all parties, prior to commencement of care support.

Reviews will be undertaken on a monthly basis or sooner if required.


 CQC Report

Read our latest CQC Report soon on the official CQC website

or click here for a copy    S&G 2012 CQC Report