Course Overview:

Target population: All staff
Course duration: Theory = 3 hours, Practical = 3 hours
Certification: Upon successful completion of the both session and assessment
No. of participants: 10 Maximum 

Students must interact and participate during the session, as the session will be run around a series of exercises, video clip and practical sessions.

Due to the immense difficulties encountered in meeting our statutory obligation for manual handling training, this training session have been prepared to ensure that all staff are fully up-to-date with regard to their statutory manual handling responsibilities.

Aim & Objectives

At the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • State their obligations and that of their employers with regard to manual handling.
  • Understand the consequences of poor manual handling practice.
  • Take appropriate action in the event of a manual handling manoeuvre being required within their working environment
  • Identify the correct manoeuvre for use on a range of different manual handling situations.

Session Details

  1. Stage one: Manual handling (The Legal Aspects).
  2. Stage two: The body & what can go wrong during Manual handling.
  3. Stage three: Principles of safe moving & handling.
  4. Stage four: Introduction to Policy & Assessments.
  5. Stage five: Practical sessions
  6. Stage six: Assessment.