Course Overview:

Target population: All staff
Course duration: Theory = 6 hours
Certification: Upon successful completion of the session and assessment
No. of participants: 12 Maximum

Students must interact and participate during the session as the session is interactive using workbooks and multimedia.

This training session has been prepared to ensure that all staff who handle food are fully up-to-date with regard to the organisations and their own food hygiene responsibilities

Aims & Objectives

This course will enable participants to prepare food safely and maintain correct food hygiene practices at home and at work.


At the end of the session participants will:

  • Know current legislation, policy and procedures for food preparation and handling.
  • Understand the results of poor food hygiene practices at work and at home.
  • Know the causes of food poisoning
  • Recognize food poisoning symptoms
  • Be able to demonstrate good personal hygiene
  • Actively promote correct food handling and preparation at work